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WHAT is OpenFTS?

OpenFTS (Open Source Full Text Search engine) is an advanced PostgreSQL-based search engine that provides online indexing of data and relevance ranking for database searching. Close integration with database allows use of metadata to restrict search results.

WHERE can I get OpenFTS?

OpenFTS is based on PostgreSQL's GIST support and it is distributed both as collection of PERL scripts and as collection of TCL scripts. You can download OpenFTS from here.

Updates:PyFTS - Python interface is available.

HOW do I work with OpenFTS?

Check out, in order, our primer, our FAQs, our forums, and our mailing list.

You can also check out sites that use OpenFTS and our success stories section.

If you would like to contribute, check out our Contribution Instructions. We maintain a list of the people who have contributed code here, such as Search::OpenFTS::Crawler - Base Crawler class for OpenFTS.

For professional help, you should contact Oleg Bartunov, and Teodor Sigaev.


OpenFTS is Copyright 2000-2001 XWare and licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2 (June 1991). This means you can use it and modify it in any way you want. If you choose to redistribute OpenFTS, you must do so under the terms of the GNU license.

Project is partially supported by Russian Foundation of Basic Research and Astronet project.

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 Search maillist
  • Dec 4, 2009
    Release of OpenFTS 0.40 !
  • Apr 5, 2005
    Release of OpenFTS 0.39
  • Jun 23, 2004
    Release of OpenFTS 0.38
  • Jan 26, 2004
    Release of OpenFTS 0.36
  • Dec 5, 2003
    Release of OpenFTS 0.35
  • Jun 27, 2003
    Brave could download OpenFTS 0.35 from CVS. It works with tsearch V2. Please consider, it's development version.
  • Sep 20, 2002
    OpenFTS 0.34 release. Read Changes-0.34 and download from Download area
  • Aug 14, 2002
    OpenFTS 0.33 Release. Download archive from Download area
  • Feb 21, 2002
    We are glad to announce an alpha release of OpenFTS-PERL 0.33. Read ANNOUNCE-0.33.txt for details.
  • Feb 14, 2002
    We are glad to announce a pre-alpha release of OpenFTS-PERL 0.33. Check out the details here.
  • Feb 08, 2002
    The mailing list openfts-general has just been created: It is a general discussion area for OpenFTS users.
  • Feb 05, 2002
    Patch for 7.2 release contrib modules (intarray, tsearch) is available from GiST development page.
  • Oct 23, 2001
    Bugfix release of intarray. Fixed bug with toasted arrays in contrib/intarray (PostgreSQL 7.1X)
  • Oct 12, 2001
    New contrib module tsearch for PostgreSQL 7.2, which contains implementation of new data type txtidx - a searchable data type (textual) with indexed access. Read README.tsearch for more information.
  • Oct 10, 2001
    Bugfix release of OpenFTS-perl v. 0.32 is released
  • Aug 9, 2001
    OpenFTS-perl initial release.
OpenFTS Team
Oleg Bartunov
Project Manager
Teodor Sigaev
Principal Developer
Daniel Wickstrom
Developer TCL Version
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