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Contribute to OpenFTS

We are open to any and all contributions! If you have an idea, a new piece of documentation, a patch, we want to hear about it! Here's how you should proceed:

I have an Idea!

Please check the discussion forums and the mailing list archives to see if your idea has been discussed before. Feel free to contribute any additional information.

If you want your idea to be adopted, it is up to you to get support for it! The OpenFTS project tends to rally fairly quickly around popular/useful ideas, so this shouldn't be too difficult.

I want to write Code!

Please contact Oleg Bartunov or Teodor Sigaev. If your request is TCL-related, contact Dan Wickstrom.

If you want to contribute code that you have used in your projects, contact Neophytos Demetriou.

I want to Document!

If you want to write a general comparison of OpenFTS to other technologies, contact Oleg Bartunov or Teodor Sigaev.

If you want to write a user's or developer's manual to installing/configuring/using/customizing OpenFTS, contact Neophytos Demetriou for inclusion on the OpenFTS web site and in the distribution.

I want to speak about OpenFTS

You can mention OpenFTS in any way you want. If you'd like to be more "officially" associated with the OpenFTS project when you speak (at a conference, at a university group, etc...), please email our Project Manager (Oleg Bartunov) and explain what you want to talk about.